Our Technology

When we created BreathAdvisor, we set out to be the best.
This is how we are setting the breathalyzer kiosk standard.

Police-Grade Accuracy

With BreathAdvisor, your patrons have access to the best technology to make responsible decisions.

Our DOT Approved fuel-cell technology is produced by LifeLoc Technologies based out of Denver, CO. These high grade breathalyzers would cost the individual consumer around $750 to purchase. You won't find this technology on a keychain.

Integrated Taxi Dispatching

Our patent-pending software allows your patrons to easily request a ride home directly from the kiosk. Not only is this convenient for your patrons, but it also saves your bar staff time at the end of the night.

Patrons simply enter their cell phone number and party size directly into the breathalyzer kiosk and our Voice Over IP (VOIP) system calls the nearest taxi dispatching company with the appropriate information.

Avoiding Bar Games

A breathalyzer in a bar isn't a new concept. These machines have been around since the 1980's, however they were marketed as a novelty item and actually encouraged binge drinking by promoting the "see how drunk you can get" idea.

While BreathAdvisor is indeed fun to use, we actually place a limit on how high patrons can blow. This ultimately deters inappropriate usage and allows us to serve the purpose we intended. The machine also advises patrons with any amount of alcohol in their system not to drive.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Our remote monitoring software informs our technicians of any issues immediately, ensuring reliability and uptime.

If for some reason our kiosks lose internet connectivity, you won't know it! Our kiosks function 100% without any connection to the internet, even our advertisements work!