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Our DOT Approved fuel-cell technology is produced by LifeLoc Technologies. These high grade breathalyzers would cost the individual consumer around $750 to purchase.

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Taxi Dispatching

Our patent-pending software allows your patrons to easily request a ride home directly from the kiosk. Not only is this convenient for your patrons, but it also saves your bar staff time at the end of the night.

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Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring software informs our technicians of any issues immediately, ensuring reliability and uptime.

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Avoiding Bar Games

BreathAdvisor places a limit on how high patrons can blow in order to deter inappropriate usage. We also advise patrons with any amount of alcohol in their system not to drive.

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Our Product

  1. When the kiosk isn't in use, we rotate through advertisements to promote valuable products and services to patrons.

  2. When a user begins the test, they are presented with a legal disclaimer and instructions that they must agree to.

  3. Each kiosk as the option to accept credit card payment, or in some cases be completely free courtesy of an advertising sponsor.

  4. The user is then instructed to blow into the machine with a dispensed straw. Our Fuel Cell breathalyzer provided by LifeLoc Technologies then begins to analyze the breath sample.

  5. Once the sample has been analyzed the user is presented with their results and the option to request a cab. We always recommend that our users request a cab if we detect any amount of alcohol.

A Product With Everyone In Mind

Creating Safer Communities

BreathAdvisor eliminates the unknown by providing patrons an anonymous, accurate reading of their blood alcohol content. It can even call a cab.

Modern Technology

We've built everything from the ground up with BreathAdvisor. It all started with what goes on behind the scenes with our cloud based hosting software and kiosk management system.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

While we don't keep track of what individual users are registering in terms of BAC levels, we can still gain valuable consumer data through our devices.

Easy Advertising Management

Need us to put a menu up on the screen? Easy! Our remote management system allows us to have this done in minutes.

Mobile Application

More info on this will be released soon!

Retain More Customers

Keep your customers safe and happy by helping them make the right choices. A DUI conviction usually creates a lost customer.

Remote Monitoring Systems

If we do happen to have an issue with our hardware we will be notified immediately. Our technicians will be out to fix any issues.


Our kiosks are usually connected with a wireless internet connection, however we can connect with a hard line as well. If your establishment loses internet connectivity, our kiosk will still function normally aside from the cab call feature.

We'll see you at the bar!